Why is Everyone Rediscovering Their Love for Dopamine Dressing This Summer?

Dopamine dressing is to dress up to boost your mood. When we dress in certain colors or styles, we can activate the release of dopamine. It is basically the feel-good chemical that comes from our bodies. Dopamine dressing has become very popular and many fashion influencers and stylists have embraced this trend of optimizing mood through dressing up.

The past few strange years have reminded us all that everything is uncertain so why not dress and wear what we want? The current fashion trends have shown us the effects of dopamine dressing with cheerful and bold colors such as hot pink and lemon yellow, zingy knitwear, preppy accessories, and more. People are no longer dressing for occasions and rather dressing up to achieve a desired mood. It is all about wearing what boosts our moods and gives us joy. It could be a certain silhouette or fit, or a particular color or print. We all know that confidence comes when we feel our best. Dopamine dressing allows people to embrace their own unique styles.

Want to know how to embrace the dopamine trend? Here are some tips on trying the dopamine dressing style.

Determine How You Feel

The first step is to think about your mood. Spend some time when you wake up to think about how you feel and the colors or prints that make you happy. When you wear it, you will feel happier.

Begin With Your Closet

You do not have to buy new clothes or accessories to try dopamine dressing. You probably have everything you need in your closet already. Look at those pieces that you always reach out to and ask yourself what they have in common. If you find yourself drawn to green or black dresses, wear them often.

Get Inspired From Social Feeds

If you often scroll to the fashion side of Instagram and TikTok, do take note of the posts and videos you see. What kind of styles or aesthetics make you go “wow”? Watching videos on fashion can give you an inspiration boost. You can also create a fashion mood board on Pinterest to help you discover your style.

Color Therapy

Color therapy has been used for centuries to help people balance their body’s energy and heal mental health. Certain colors tend to bring out certain feelings. So it is important to dress in colors that make you happy no matter what the trend is.

source: Vogue

Play With Different Texture

While colors play an important role in dopamine dressing, texture also does the same. Fabrics such as velvet and tulle are getting more popular these days. When you experiment with different textures, it can give you a dopamine boost. Mix and match pieces to create a fun style.

source: Pinterest

Try One Piece At A Time

If you are unsure where to start, it is best to take it one piece at a time when putting on an outfit. Whether it is a dress, a bag, or a pair of shoes, start with one piece and build your look around that.

source: Pinterest stealthelook.com.br

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