Lamb Wool Coats are Popular This Winter

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Wool coats are a must-have item of clothing in every winter season. Every woman has at least one in her closet, and no wonder she wears it daily in carrying out her many activities, work and otherwise. There is no warmer and more fashionable shrug! Whether you decide to buy it in ecological or real wool, it’s your choice. Just know that it’s time to stock up on these coats. That’s why in this article I will help you to create very stylish combinations with various wool coats, so you can vary your style and become the queen of winter.

Jeans and ankle boots

Let’s start with one of the most classic combinations, but which is no less chic. A beige wool coat, a pair of simple jeans and ankle boots is one of the most beautiful and impact looks out there. Every true it-girl has sported this look at least once in her life, and we are ready to do our best: green light for accessories such as maxi bags or backpacks, hoop earrings, beret hat and so on. Ripped jeans with fishnet tights underneath are also allowed, super sexy. Unleash your creativity and get ready to stay warm even in the coldest temperatures!

Black trousers and moccasins

Pink and black are one of the most successful combinations there are because it presents a great balance between contrasting colors. Pink, a party color, softens the gothic feature of black; on the other hand, removes the too playful effect of pink. That’s why I propose to you an adorable pink wool coat, to combine with black trousers and moccasins, for a classy outfit but not too much! As for the moccasins, you choose whether to wear those with a low model (therefore flat), with heels, or alternatively with plateau.

Total white look

The combinations with a white coat can be multiple. One of these is that formed by black and white, a timeless couple. But one of the trendiest looks in this period is, without a shadow of a doubt, a completely white look from head to toe: white shirt, t-shirt or sweater; white trousers in imitation silk, in denim, narrow, or with wide legs; ankle boots, sneakers, combat boots, the choice is yours, the important thing is that they are white.

Short/skirt and knee-high boots

A rather short coat like this can be the perfect occasion to wear a nice pair of knee-high boots, to cover yourself from the cold. Opt for a pair of shorts or a skirt for the bottom part, and you’ll see that you will no longer be able to do without this look, or even the plaid print of the coat, an absolute must-have in autumn and winter.

Even with tracksuit and sneakers

A decidedly sportier alternative can be this hooded wool coat, which however remains very trendy! Pair it with whatever you want, even your workout outfit. You will have understood by now that the wool coat is an extremely versatile garment.

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