Does your lingerie closet consist of shapewear pieces?  These useful undergarments can lift you in all the right places and also helps your clothes look and fit better.

How does shapewear work?

Shapewear uses many construction elements to help achieve the desired result and they are as follows:-

  • Minimal or seamless garments that will offer a smooth, sleek look.
  • Inner control panels will smooth out the midsection.
  • Closed gussets can lift your derriere
  • High-waisted designs and rigid fabrics can smooth out lines and offer support.
Nude Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Big Size Ultimate Stretch

Some people say that shapewear is a torturous piece of undergarment that is constricting and uncomfortable to wear.  There are also those who find that they have to constantly adjust the shapewear while wearing because it rolls down.  If you have experienced these before, then it means that the shapewear is not doing its job and that is to help you feel comfortable and in control.  When the shapewear is too tight, slides down or create a muffin top, it means that the shapewear is either the wrong size or the wrong piece for your body type.

Sweat Top Silver Neoprene High Back Strap Moderate Control

There is an array of styles and fabrics when it comes to shapewear.  Deciding which will work best for your body and wardrobe can be overwhelming.  Read on for some tips to help you discover the best shapewear that will work best for your body.

  •  Women sometimes try to get a size smaller for extra firmness.  However this will cause bulges and discomfort.  As a matter of fact, doing so will make the wearer look bigger.  Just stick to your true size like the size you would choose for your clothes.
  • Choose medium constriction shapewear to smooth lines.  Heavier shapewear pieces usually compress your body into shape and is ideal for total figure transformation.
  • High-waisted shorts or panty shapewear styles will ensure a smooth line all the way up to  the torso.  The best full body shaper that go up to the bra line like this Nude Full Body Shaper is a good choice to ensure that they won’t slip down.
Skin Color Full Body Shaper Two Plastic Bones Straps Flatten Tummy
  • If you are looking to tone your legs or sculpt your thighs, you may want to choose this double layer legging pants.  It will can shape the tummy, thighs, and rear while offering the seamless and sleek sheer you get from a regular pair of tights.
  • A neoprene waist trainer is great as a corset or torso shaper for everyday wear at home or to the gym.  This type of shapewear helps to achieve a flat belly, thin waist and  hourglass curves.
Curve Creator Black 3 Rows Hooks Sling-Belt Waist Trainer

Another important thing to consider is what you want from the shapewear.  The compression level of the shapewear affects the desired results.  For example, light compression shapewear is for someone who wants to smoothen out the love handles or paunches.  If you are looking for a shapewear to accentuate your curves, then opt for medium compression shapewear that can be worn every day for up to 8 hours for optimum result.  High compression shapewear is your best bet for looking extra special on special occasions.  However, this type is not advisable to be worn for long hours.

From smoothing bodysuits to thigh control shapers, you can find them all at Hexinfashion wholesale shapewear suppliers.  We hope this guide will help you discover the perfect match when you are shopping for the best shapewear to help you feel comfortable and confident.

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