How Do We Choose Best Plus Size Shapewear in Spring?

Shapewear is specially designed for the structural characteristics of the human body, which can regulate the distribution of body fat and reduce fat. It is a kind of functional underwear. The most prominent function of shapewear lies in the abdomen, waist, hip lift, leg beautifying effect, and other obvious effects. We all need to find a best bodysuits for ourselves.

9 shopping elements for shapewear

1. Steel ring cotton pad

This category refers to body shaping bras, that is, long shaping bras. There is lymph in the place where the underwire on the chest is pressed, so it cannot be compressed. Fibrous cysts are prone to occur, which is the precursor of breast cancer; cotton pads are prone to cotton wool, which will enter the breast from the nipple, which may block the breast.

2. One-piece

Not everyone’s height and upper and lower body are the same, you should choose a design style that is separated from the top and bottom (split). Imagine if two people, one is 172 height, the other is 152, the measurements are the same, and they wear the same size, the taller wears it easily due to insufficient clothing length, causing the shoulder straps to compress the shoulder nerves, the short one is prone to the loose waist, and the waist is easy to accumulate fat.

Nilit™ Midthigh Bodysuit Shaper Butt Lifter

3. Hip cup

Girls have two pieces of fat on their breasts, so there is a cup design, and there are two pieces of fat on the buttocks, so the buttocks should also have the design of a hip cup, and they should have a concentrated dragging feeling when they are worn.

4. Long zipper

The lateral tension of the zipper is insufficient, and the zipper is easily damaged when there are many fats. The fat will also shift with the closure of the zipper, which may cause improper accumulation of fat. Find the best plus size shapewear on, you will not be disappointed.

Open Bra Body Shaper with Zipper Closure

5. Multiple buttons

Hook buckle-time-consuming wearing, fat is prone to indentation.

6. Digging under the crotch

At first glance, it is very convenient, but due to the pressure of the fabric, it is easy to cause fat to accumulate in the opening, easy to rub and break the skin, and easy to stain when going to the toilet. Hygiene needs to be considered.

Full-Length MagicMesh Leggings Shapewear

7. Material

It is related to wearing comfort and durability. Synthetic fibers, or space, Lycra fiber, are chemically synthesized, less breathable, and prone to rashes. Click, it’s your best choice.

8. Leg lift line design

The connection between the thigh and the body has an arc with the lymphatic distribution. In order not to compress the lymph, a leg lift line should be designed at the seam of the thigh.

Full Bodysuit Slimming Shaper Front Zipper

9. Tailor-made or modified

The speed of fat thinning in each part of each person is different, and it can be modified or tailored to achieve a perfect curve effect.

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