2021 Ladies Mid-Length Woolen Coat

Mid-Length Woolen Coat

Winter is upon us and we are all already thinking about our coat. Some women love it, others hate him because they feel clumsy, stuck and even not physically valued. But we are here for it: if you see your coat as something that covers your outfits and not as something that enhances them, you desperately need our advice. This is because, to be comfortable in your clothes, you have to choose the right ones, including the coat.

So let’s see how to choose it based on the shapes of your body!

The coat for wide hips

The right coat: If you have wide hips, choose a down-flared, A-line coat. If, on the other hand, you want to choose a coat marked at the waist, it must still have a flared lower part and not adhere to your hips and legs, otherwise the effect would be excessive. In short, a skater coat would be better than a sheath dress! Another trick to enhance wider hips is to choose sensual colors: a burgundy, a camel, a black or a dark blue will warm your winter!

What to avoid: as logic dictates, avoid coats with pockets on the sides and those that are too tight or too padded. In general, you have to avoid the padded effect. So choose coats with softer and more fluid materials, which fall slightly on your hips. Avoid cream, pastel pink, straw yellow because they wouldn’t do justice to your bursting personality!

The belted coat for a full bust

The right coat: If you are prosperous, a coat with a marked waist is ideal for you. In this way you will enhance the breasts without exaggerating. Particularly suitable are coats with a belt at the waist, perhaps worn soft on your chest and legs. The robe model is definitely the best for you and also represents a great classic of sensuality and femininity. You can opt for classic colors like black, beige or red, but also for a super trendy color: a nice purple!

What to avoid: to avoid a too puffy effect, do not wear double-breasted coats and tight-fitting coats or those closed with a vertical zipper. But also the egg-shaped ones which, given the prosperity of your breast, instead of enhancing it, would flatten the lines. They risk is that they enlarge your figure as a whole. The trick is to always enhance, never hide!

For a smaller body, opt for tighter coats

The right coat: if you are petite, the thing you need to be more careful about is not to get literally swallowed by your coat. Choose coats that are not too long, with narrow and perhaps tight-fitting lapels. This way your presence under the coat will be noticed. The bon ton coats of the 50s, with a round collar, could be for you, to give a chic touch even to the most casual winter outfits. Or an asymmetrical coat, which could boost your petite physique and add a little roundness everywhere.

What to avoid: avoid coats that are too bulky, with fur collars or excessive details. Coats that are too long are also not for you: the hem should reach just below the buttocks, for an ideal length. Down jackets are not a good idea, but during the great cold you may need them. Then opt for a short, screwed and not too “puffy” down jacket, avoiding the risk of getting confused between excessive and more fluctuating softness.

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