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Makeup for many women is playground and therapy. As the possibilities and choices are increasing, women are more interested in make-up and getting acquainted with new products, body textures, colors … For some women, the most important thing is how they put on their eyes, for others who will use lipstick, for others, that is, the powder they use … But when we talk about the current trend in makeup, it is definitely a blush.

You have probably seen the most on Instagram that women have become obsessed with blush and use it much more than before and in places where they have not before – for example on the nose.

Without blush, your look is not complete

Blush was for many women until almost an unnecessary step in makeup, but probably under the influence of trends. They realized that blush is used to complete the story of the whole look. Without the use of blush, your face looks older and more tired, and no one wants that.

Different shades of blush correspond to different skin tones

When we talk about the shades of blush, given the entire market, the choice has become huge. So without thinking, everyone can find what suits them best. If you are fair-skinned, use lighter blushes in pink or apricot tones to make your face look fresh and sweet. It will rejuvenate you in the blink of an eye, without the use of Botox. If you are darker-skinned, of course, you will use a darker blush. And depending on whether you have a cool, neutral, or warm skin undertone, you will choose a shade. Neutral undertones correspond to mostly all shades.

Choose a place for blush in relation to the shape of your face

Of course, we are all different, so for that reason, we all like something else, and so it is with blushes. Someone has a square shape face, someone a diamond shape face … So in relation to which facial constitution you belong to, you will choose where to put the blush to get the best out of it and to help you highlight your cheekbones, which will make you look more sweetie.

Different blush textures

Depending on what kind of skin you have, you will want something other than blush. If you have a dry skin type, you will prefer creamy blushes, which are a little harder to use, but only until you exercise. When that happens, the blush will give you its maximum because with the right choice of shade and creamy texture. You will look dewy, which is often unattainable for women with dry skin.

But for all those who like classic make-up, there is always a standard blush in stone. Which can be matte if you want your skin to stay matte all day or shiny blush if you want a touch of freshness on your face.

All in all, we are slowly returning to that stage in make-up when blush was the main trump card. And when women used it in huge quantities in the 20s of the last century. In trends, everything comes back, even in makeup trends. But one thing is for sure – blush will make you look much fresher, younger, and sweeter without thinking.

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