Do You Know 5 Basic Make-up Collections for Must-Buy?

The importance of makeup in a woman’s life

How important is makeup really? Sometimes I think about what they would do and how it would feel if makeup was not invented. For me, it’s actually a whole ritual. I love to put on make-up, to be more beautiful to myself, and to try new products. I don’t buy that often, but I like to change some products from time to time. You need to invest money in certain products and choose quality ones, because it is still applied to the skin, and the skin remembers everything. Of course, good care goes before makeup.

What every woman should have

I always single out a few pieces that every girl or woman must-have. Even a little gentle makeup during the day or when we are tired makes our character look completely different and refreshed. And these are the five pieces that I recommend and without which I could not imagine my day. These are products for daily make-up.

1. I always put the powder in the first place.

Nothing without a beautiful complexion. Or if you are happier and have skin without any acne or blemishes, then you can just apply bb cream to even out your complexion or get a color, if you haven’t tanned.

2. Bronzer is always on my must-have list.

I didn’t use it as a child. My mom didn’t use it either, because not so much was known about make-up techniques before. Bronzer can really work wonders on your face and completely change your facial features. You can narrow your face without losing weight. The points where I always apply bronzer are the cheeks, the tip of the forehead, and the sides of the nose to make my nose look narrower. Use these tricks and report the results. You will be delighted.

3. Blush. This is something that my grandmothers, aunts, and mothers taught me. In

their time when there was no blush, a little lipstick would be rubbed on the cheekbones. And now you can apply that trick. Blush refreshes your face so much, that you get a real glow. You can choose shades, I often lean towards pink.

4. Without mascara nothing, when you highlight the eyes you get the depth of vision.

As one model would say, never anywhere without mascara, even if they only went to the market for food. Although today you can choose between black, brown, and blue mascara, I definitely recommend black as a must-have. It will be the easiest to fit and goes great with all eye colors.

5. Guess what another piece we have to have, yes, lipstick!

You have done nothing if you do not emphasize your lips. Either they offer someone a variant that never goes out of fashion, or it is a stronger shade. I often wear meat colors, different shades of pink. While red lipstick is an absolute must-have for evening occasions and outings. Although, unfortunately, he doesn’t look good to me, although my friends tell me otherwise. For red lipstick, you need to have both courage and self-confidence.

Do you wear makeup every day? Do you feel a connection between makeup and self-confidence?

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