Hat Trends Everyone Will Love This Winter

I find it surprising that we’re already talking about (and donning) winter trends without sounding like a seasonal cliché. I don’t know whether I’m alone in saying this, but this year it feels like the months leading up to winter just disappeared, and then snowstorms and temps below freezing just showed up.

It isn’t easy to be entirely prepared for the shifting of the seasons with the climate swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to the other, but we’ll try! Winter has arrived in my neck of the woods, so let’s speak about the fall/winter 2022 trends we’ll be incorporating into our wardrobes: accessories edition.

Unlike in the summer, winter accessories, especially winter hats, are necessary rather than just cute additions to an outfit.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are having a huge moment this winter thanks to the revival of ’90s fashion. Bucket hats, while not an obvious choice for winter headgear, are available in heavier materials such as fleece and fake fur, making them ideal for a cold day. So channel your inner Cher Horowitz while being warm and fashionable!

Berets made of Wool

A wool beret is an easy choice if your style is more Emily in Paris than Clueless. Berets are a fun, classic addition to your winter wardrobe, and their low price point allows you to buy a few different colors to match your mood. For a subtle Parisian touch, pair a brightly colored beret with a neutral wool trench coat.

Extra Fabric Sided Beanies 

Once again, beanies have won over fashion designers as the best hat trend for the approaching fall and winter. Beanies are the most popular winter hats because they are simple, informal, warm, helpful, and, not to mention, easy to carry.

I am glaring at you, Miss Huge and Expanded Beanie! A lot of the silhouettes are interesting. This shape was most frequently seen on the runways of Bibhu Mohapatra, Dolce & Gabbana, and Mark Fast. As a result, if your favorite beanie becomes a tug-of-war toy, don’t take it off until it’s completely stretched.

Knits with Patterns 

Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid both uploaded Instagram photos wearing colorful knit caps this weekend, proving that this style will be ubiquitous in 2022. The models wore patterned hats in natural surroundings (Hailey on the beach and Bella in the country), but the look is as appropriate for an urban street-style moment.

Furr Hats 

Fuzz is still fashionable even if the fur hat has been famous for a while—lousy girl Rih Rih and Emily Ratajkowski have been wearing them since last year. A fur-filled headpiece is truly a statement piece. Fur hats, primarily seen as bucket hats, have been all the rage, especially when paired with tinted spectacles for the ultimate Y2K swagger.

Western Hats  

With western-inspired clothing flying off the shelves everywhere, it’s safe to say 2022 was unquestionably the year of the cowgirl. Western fashion is having a moment, from Off-For White’s Walking cowboy boots to Shein’s glitter fringe coats.

 Going all out cowgirl is a terrific way to ramp up the celebrations at this year’s Christmas gatherings. Choose a broad-brim rhinestone hat from Amazon or go all out with the Star Cowboy Hat from Revolve. These felt-brushed hats look great and warm and are sure to start the holiday parties.

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