Body Shapers Suggestions for a Dress with Low Back

All women indeed want to feel good and look good in their dress. It is easy to achieve that desired look for ordinary dresses that you wear every day. However, it is a different story when you went for a backless dress when you used to wear shapewear pieces.

As many lines of body shaper for women rise all over the place, you can now find your backless solution mostly everywhere, but very few are of quality, so you might as well go for Durafits that promise an excellent shapewear experience.

Open Bust Body

Although these open bust body shapers feature the bust area, they are the ideal partners for your dress with the low back.

This adaptable bodysuit shaper can be hidden under practically any low back or backless garment thanks to its convertible, adjustable straps that you can wear in three different ways. You can wear the straps of this tummy shaper in a standard, straight posture if your dress includes sleeves.

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Open Bust Body Shaper With Side Zip

Shorts Sculptor

To fully highlight the elegance of your back, this Durafit shorts sculptor is the best choice for your low-back dress. It does not only emphasize your body figure on your back, but it also boosts your butt for a friendly wave of either skirts or attire.

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4 Removable Pads Plus Size Shorts Sculptor

These control shorts are ideal for ladies who are not used to wearing heavy shapewear regularly and are searching for light shaping on special occasions without going overboard. They are super soft, but they nevertheless give considerable compression to shape and trim your curves. The shorts are available in black and have a light nude tint that will blend in with most bright-toned dresses.

Shaping Bodysuit

Durafits also offers plus-size shapewear, namely, these shaping bodysuits that are available for inclusive sizes. With their adjustable straps, they can go with practically any kind of dress. 

It hides behind its plunging back and a built-in strapless bra. Even under the tightest garment, its thong cut will not flatten your posterior, nor will it display panty lines or flatten. This bodysuit also ensures a smooth finish with thin layers of fabric, which reduces the chance of noticeable shapewear lines.

shapewear bodysuit
Plus Size Lycra® Shaping Bodysuit

This full-body shaper from Durafits can upgrade the fashion of your dress while assuring you easy access to answer nature’s call.

This slimming, multifunctional bodysuit also boasts adjustable and convertible straps. Depending on the design and fit of your dress, you can wear them straight or cross in the back. This low-cut body shaper also provides support. The whole body of the suit projects the soft and breathable lightweight mesh and fine gauge microfiber materials that provide optimal comfort while smoothing and contouring your belly, waist, hips, butt, and thighs.

Hip-Booster Body Shaper

Aside from its capability to upgrade your low-back dress, it can do wonders on your hip as well with its removable pads. These pads help your butt look more prominent so you can nail your clothing, especially those tight-fitting ones.

At times, it can be challenging to find the perfect shapewear for your lower-back dress, but Durafits has a wide range of body shapers that solve your problem. Moreover, these shapers do not only make sure you rock your dress but also assure your comfort.

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Hip Booster Enhancer Removable Pads Body Shaper

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