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Even as young children we daydream about our future wedding day. After all, we’re told it will be the most important day of our lives. Questions begin to fill our minds: “Who will our future husband or wife be?” “Will the cake be delicious?” and “What will my dress look like?” At that young age, we more than likely pictured ourselves gliding down the aisle dressed in a long traditional white gown. When we were little, we didn’t know options existed and that weddings don’t have to follow a traditional look and format.

What if your dream isn’t of a long white gown? Maybe you dream of a much darker day for professing your undying love: a romantic blood wedding with a crimson gown. Let’s take a look at the elements necessary for creating a deeply romantic crimson blood wedding.

A Crimson Romance

To set the tone of our daring and passionate theme, close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in an old gothic church. Perhaps from the renaissance time period. Large candelabras, wrought iron gates. Flickering candles provide the only light source. The space is dimly lit but the glowing candles create a romantic warmth. Red rose pedals line the center aisle. Large bouquets of black roses adorn the altar. Bridesmaids wear beautiful sleek black gowns. Groomsmen sport three piece suits in a classic steampunk vibe. The guests all hold candles to light the way as the bride glides down the aisle in her to die for crimson red gown to join her fiancé in holy matrimony.

Does the above description align with the vision you have for your special day? If the answer to that question is yes, then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Let’s break down the components of the wedding, which will work as a guide for you when planning your special day.

Picking a Venue

The venue will serve as the main building block for bringing your theme to life. It’s the foundation on which your wedding will literally stand. When committing to a non-traditional wedding theme, it’s important to lean all in and really commit. It’s important to note, your guests will see your venue long before they see you walk down the aisle. Pick a location that tells them exactly from the start that this is a romantic crimson blood wedding.

When searching for a location, take your time, and hold out for the perfect fit. For a Crimson Romance wedding, begin your search by touring old historical venues, churches, old town hall buildings, and the like. You might be surprised by what you find. However, if old historical buildings aren’t an option, or if you’re working with a tighter budget, pick a spot in the woods to celebrate your crimson romance nuptials as demonstrated in the following image:

Gothic wedding

Tall looming trees and dramatic shadows cast by spiky branches. A forrest location could work quite perfectly for a crimson romance.


Now when it comes to decor, this is where the real fun begins. If you’re lucky enough to find a historical building, your venue may already house ornate and vintage gothic decor. However, if you’re starting from scratch, that’s quite alright too. With a little creativity, you can have the deeply romantic and dark crimson wedding of your dreams. Illuminate the venue by candlelight. Not only is it intimate, but it is also deeply romantic. It will add inviting warmth to contrast nicely with your space. Choose wrought iron as a finish, like wrought iron candelabras, cake stands, place card holders, etc. For floral arrangements, choose large red roses. Not only are roses dramatic, but they’re also covered in thorns. Roses have an air of danger about them but also a deep level of romance and commitment. View the following image for inspiration regarding your wedding decor:

Gothic wedding

The Dress

Though we could go on about the venue and decor choices for days, let’s move along to one of the best parts of the Crimson Romance theme…selecting a dress. Most brides choose all white, but on your special day, you will glow in a romantic red gown and your betrothed will love it. Let’s begin by analyzing the dress:

Gothic Black Lace Embroidery Wine Red Wedding Dress
Gothic Black Lace Embroidery Wine Red Wedding Dress

The Gothic Black Lace gown features a deep crimson satin base with a black tulle overlay. The bodice is decorated with gorgeous black lace and the sleeveless style creates an air of vulnerability and sophistication. The makeup paired with this look could go one of two ways. Contrast the bold crimson gown with light innocent makeup or lean all into the gothic feel and complete your bridal look with vampire inspired makeup i.e. burgundy lips and a dramatic smokey eye,  

For further demonstration of the crimson wedding theme, let’s take a looks at a different beautiful gown: The Gothic Red Lace Applique Wedding Dress.

Gothic Concise Gray Off Shoulder Fish Tail Wedding Dress
Gothic Concise Gray Off Shoulder Fish Tail Wedding Dress

This gown features a black tulle layered over a beautiful red chiffon dress. The tulle fabric allows the red fabric to shine through just enough. Not only will this provide a level of mystery and intrigue, but it’ll also appear more demure and unassuming. The while detailing on the front highlights the innocence and naivety of the bride. And even though the dress does give the idea of innocence and mystery, the spaghetti straps and deep cut back add a layer of maturity and sophistication without being over the top.

For this gown, the makeup application could be very minimal, just enough to rosy up the cheeks and define the eyes. Anything darker or more experimental than that would either distract from the gown or diminish the innocence of the gown altogether. If you really want to try something nontraditional on your big day, instead of a bridal veil, perhaps consider a Steampunk Gothic Black Lace Sexy Queen Mask or Beak mask for Hallowmas.

Steampunk Gothic Black Lace Sexy Queen Mask
Steampunk Gothic Black Lace Sexy Queen Mask

Above all else, when planning your wedding, It’s important to remember that this day is for you and your fiancé. Family members and friends may try to weigh in with their opinions. And while it’s important to listen to them out of respect, the final say does come down to you and your spouse.

The Crimson Blood Wedding is sure to put passion and yearning at the forefront of your mind. You will glide down the aisle in your red wedding dress, captivating every single guest in attendance. And most importantly, you’ll captivate your future spouse who stands to wait for you at the altar where you’ll exchange the sweetest words you ever did say: I do.

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