6 Must-Have Sun Protection Clothing, Shop Now!

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Now that summer is officially coming, protecting our skin from the strong rays of sunlight is truly important. Let’s never forget that unprotected sun exposure, even one that only lasts for 15 minutes, can cause premature skin aging, not to mention the risk of serious skin problems. It is therefore fundamental to always use high UPF50+ sun protection on our body since the very first warm days whatever our skin tone is, even when it looks a bit cloudy. For this reason, it can be very useful to start buying some fashionable sun protection clothes, special clothes designed for not encountering any risk of skin diseases, and specifically made of a tissue designed for protecting us from the damages of ultraviolet rays. What makes this type of clothing so amazing is that we can wear it in all the outdoor activities we like and we cannot absolutely renounce in summer, without worrying not even close about getting a sunburn. Well, it is now time to take a look at the 6 must-have sun protection clothing and where to shop it!

Reversible Swim Bra

We all want to achieve a golden tanned skin in summer, I get it, but let’s pay attention to the way we do this. Unfortunately, we tend to underestimate this aspect and we end up with several sunburns only on the first day of sun exposure! It is vital to put on our sunscreen as soon as we get to the beach. Do not leave your skin unprotected! In addition to this, we can wear a lovely reversible swim bra like the one you see in the pictures, thanks to which we will carelessly swim in the pool or in the sea. This swim bra will be a shelter against the sunlight’s rays, which, remember, can also filter through the water!

Women's Medley Reversible Swim Bra UPF 50+
Women’s Medley Reversible Swim Bra UPF 50+

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are incredibly trendy and cute, and one with sun protection can be the perfect solution when we want to take a walk, maybe with our children or dogs, during the hot summer days! Told you that we would be still be so fashionable!

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt UPF 50+ Sensitive Collection
Short Sleeve Polo Shirt UPF 50+ Sensitive Collection

Sun Protection Hat

Let’s protect our body from the top of it by covering our scalp with a sun protection hat, to wear not only at the beach, but also for every kind of open-air activities! Our hair will be beautiful, protected and healthy.

GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari Cap with Sun Protection | Premium UPF 50+ Hats for Men and Women - Navigator Series
GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari Cap with Sun Protection | Premium UPF 50+ Hats for Men and Women – Navigator Series

Maxi Dress

This lovely maxi dress contains UPF 50+ sun protection that will last all day, a great ally in summer then! It is available in other prints and colours and I find it a multitasking item that we can wear everywhere, from the beach to the cocktail party!

Women's V-Neck Maxi Dress
Women’s V-Neck Maxi Dress

Tech Skort

But perhaps we can’t help leaving our legs uncovered. Besides obviously putting sunscreen on our legs, we can impress everyone with this innovative sun protection tech skort, very similar to a tennis skirt!

Tech Skort
Tech Skort

Shift Dress

This shift sun protection dress will immediately make us look like cinema divas and let us feel like being in the French Riviera in the blink of an eye: it is very comfortable and chic, also suitable for a more elegant occasion that may occur in summer!

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