Create The Perfect Outfit With Mix & Match

As a true fashionista, having a signature style is fun and will make us stand out from the people around us. However, the process of self-actualization following changes in popular fashion trends is a must, if you don’t want your style to look boring and seem too mediocre. Actually, you can still look chic without wasting too much money even if you have to follow the rotating trends. The key is to pay attention to the details in your outfits to get the perfect mix-and-match look.

Basically, there is no absolute formula for dressing perfectly. And therefore, the perfect outfit can mean different things to each person. You may need to try mixing and matching many times to find your best signature style. In the end, outfits that make you comfortable and confident are the best to wear.

If you follow the simple guide below, you will be able to create the perfect outfit for you and look confident every day. Keep reading!

1. Perfect Fit

Clothes that fit your body best, or at least not too loose, are the key to all perfect outfit combinations. Everything, from trousers, skirts, jackets, suits to tee shirts. This is why having a regular tailor who is ready to make alterations according to our wishes is actually a good investment for the future.

Meanwhile, if you buy ready-to-wear clothing, knowing your body shape is one of the best ways to get the best fitting size. Additionally, consider the type of fabric used. Some fabrics are stretchy and some actually shrink after washing. Considering the type of fabric can help you determine the right size when buying clothes.

2. Simple Layering

Layering is also something you can do when mixing and matching to create sophisticated outfits. The addition of a cardigan, corset, or leather jacket over a tee shirt can significantly elevate the appearance of your outfit. For example, a plaid wool coat over a basic white top and black jeans turns the whole look instantly stunning. You can steal this style for your fall outfit, it will look perfect.

If you like the layering style, especially playing with lots of patterns in one look, well, that’s actually fine. However, to get a flattering look, it’s best not to layer too many different patterns or only choose patterns that are the same color.

3. Play With Hemlines

For crafting a memorable look, you need to pay special attention to the length of the trousers or skirt you wear. The hem of trousers or skirts can be different for each person, one of the reasons is height. Determining the right hemlines can also make your figure look more proportional.

Apart from the length, playing with the shape of the hemlines can help you achieve a flattering look. For instance, a high-low hemline provides a modern and elegant look. The uneven cut actually creates a dramatic effect when you walk.

4. Flattering Accessories

Who doesn’t love flattering accessories? They are an inseparable item in women’s lives. Accessories can add elegance and elevate your look on any occasion. Wearing matching accessories can complete your chic outfit and make it look stunning. Even one additional accessory can change your entire look in an instant. Whether it’s a bracelet, earrings, necklace, glasses, or belt, you can choose it according to your needs and mood. But remember not to overdo it when wearing accessories so that your outfit still looks classy.

5. The It Bags

Your perfect outfit just needs to be complemented with a handbag that has a luxurious feel. If you have a statement bag from a famous brand, then your style will definitely be perfect. Meanwhile, if you’re on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the perfect look, too. Look for handbags from any brand with a minimalist and elegant design, made from leather, and not displaying logos or flashy details. Even though it’s not from a popular brand, the classy design is enough to add a luxurious feel.

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