The ‘floss’ bikini is the hot new swimwear trend to hit the beaches – so will YOU rock one this summer?

Although Brazilian swimsuits seem to have reached their most popular level only yesterday, a new fashion trend is rapidly replacing it. The trend is called floss bikini because it is similar to floss. The trend is expected to occur soon in warm months on Australian beaches, as the trend is now widely flaunted on instagram.

Overseas, the bikini was found in Kim Kardashian, (kim kardashian), Emily Ratakovsky, (emily ratajkowski) and Perry (perry), among others. Along the Australian coast, influential people and other celebrities, such as Gabriel Epstein (gabrielle epstein), Kaarina (karina irby) and dj Tigri (dj tigerlly), shared photos on swimsuits. It’s just a thin strip of material fixed in front and back.

This allows people to show off their bodies because swimsuits are hardly imaginable. As the warm months roll, this trend is expected to rage on Australian beaches in the coming weeks. However, this is not for the timid.

For those who want to buy trends, people can buy similar bikinis nightclubs from Indian websites such as Swimming, Glass and Somme. The “floss bikini” trend follows other recent swimwear trends, including Kendall Jenna and Rita Ola’s favorite v-kimi.

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