What To Wear To A Beach Party

Those two words – beach party – have the ability to strike fear into many a woman, especially one who’s tentatively coming out of a few incredibly long months in polo necks and tights.

But worry not! There are ways to get around the initial dread and learn how to rock the beach party look with a reckless abandon that will have people wondering how you manage to look so darn relaxed.

A beach party tends to mean one thing: swimwear. But there are plenty of chic cover-ups around and many a way to bypass the bikini Your summer beach look should take you from a lazy day soaking up the rays to a night shimmying on the sand in one flick of an artfully styled beachy hair do.

When it comes to beach and pool party clothing ideas, there are so many different ways to look chic – even if you’re not the Love Island kind of girl who’s going to wear a thong bikini and a pair of wedges (though hats off to you if you are).

Beach party clothes are many and varied, and should not be reduced to that one holey kaftan you bought on sale at T.K.Maxx all those years ago. Leave the monochrome in the city and experiment a bit.: summer party outfits work best when they are colourful. Step out of your comfort zone and have a bit of fun.

Beach party fashion is diverse and exciting, but there are a few notes to heed depending on the time of day or whether you are sea side or pool side. Read on to find out more.

Day Party

Open-ended, with no real dress code beyond ‘beach party wear’, this is the sort of invite that requires minimal thought or preparation. That said, it’s often the easiest dress codes that cause the most amount of stress, so let’s find out the key pieces for your best summer beach look.

The Over-Sized Shirt

This can be any colour, shape or size. Whatever you’ve got lying around really. Or even steal it off a boyfriend/dad/brother. It doesn’t matter. This shirt will be your fall-back option when nothing seems to work. If you are wearing a brightly coloured or patterned bikini underneath, choose a sheer option with minimal details. If you’re rocking a classic swimming costume, dare to be bold in your shirt choice: a neon pink, an embroidered red number, or even a navy blue collarless shirt can jazz up an otherwise plain look.

The Playsuit

A playsuit will be that one item of clothing in your closet that will work harder than all the others, so make sure you choose it with care. Before you buy, ensure that you can move around and sit down in it, and check it doesn’t look unappealing over your bottom. Playsuits were designed to be fun, so go printed and patterned, the brighter the better. If you’re wearing a halter-neck bikini, choose a halter-neck playsuit to allow for minimal strap marks. There are a whole mass of shapes to choose from: strapless, spaghetti, and t-shirt to name a few. The choice is yours.

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