The Best Gift Ideas for Halloween for Children

The spookiest season of the year is approaching fast. Are you ready to thrill the children in your life this Halloween? The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween is to head to the shop to load up on candy for your kid’s Halloween party, but there is s a lot more that makes a fantastic gift for this occasion than sweets and candies. Usually, kids dress up in their favorite, scariest, or funniest costumes and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood looking for Halloween candy. While it is an important component of Halloween celebrations, you may not know if the trick-or-treaters who show up at your door have food allergies or sensitivities.

That is why non-candy treats are getting popular. The Halloween goodies and Halloween candy alternatives are fantastic ideas for trick-or-treaters or for stocking in Halloween bags to “boo” your neighbors. Ahead is a list of Halloween goodies if you are searching for something other than candy to give out this year.  These exciting Halloween treats will have kids laughing with delight and joy.

Spider Soap Favors

These scary-looking spider soaps are rather adorable. It weighs around 1.5 ounces and measures 2 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick.  It is ideal for parties or insect or bug lovers! Some of the smells available in these spider soaps are apple or lavender, citrus, cucumber melon, and pear. They have a wonderful scent and are clear so you can see the spider within.

Halloween Coloring Kit

These non-candy favors are fantastic to give out at any Halloween gatherings or trick-or-treats. The Halloween coloring kits are a great way to fill up the party favor bags. You can entice the kids with a one-of-a-kind Halloween treat that also encourages them to unleash their creativity. These will definitely get them into a spooky mood.

Halloween Crayons

This Halloween-themed personalized box is a wonderful gift idea for any child. Each box will have a personalized label with the name of the child on the front and is packed into a clear poly bag with a Halloween ribbon tied around it.

Halloween Bubble Wands

These adorable little Halloween bubbles are a fantastic alternative to sweets for your Halloween party. The Halloween bubble wands have a diameter of 7/16 inches and a length of 4 inches. They are filled with 0.14 fl oz of bubble mixture in them. These colorful and fun bubble wands will brighten up any child’s playtime. The dazzling aesthetics that come with the Halloween theme will enchant both boys and girls. The bubble blower wands light up from tip to tip and come in a variety of attractive designs and vibrant colors.

Halloween Squishes

The squishy trend shows no signs of slowing down after all these years. These six Halloween squishies are a great way to add a dose of Halloween fun to any home.

Halloween Stickers

These peel-off Halloween stickers with Halloween themes are a perfect toy to keep them busy while waiting to go trick-or-treating.

Halloween Stamps

These cute Halloween stamps are great for filling up goodie bags or spooky basket fillers. They can also be used by kids to DIY their own treat bags.

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