How to Choose Oversized Zip-up Hoodie

oversized hoodie

The hoodie has been a very fashionable garment for several seasons. When it was created, it was considered as a single sporty garment. Well, forget this idea, because the hoodie has become an essential and indispensable item in every women’s wardrobe, and not just in men’s! In case of wind, cold, rain or if you washed your hair the day before or the morning itself, hoodies are a real godsend! In particular, zip up hoodies, in the oversized model, are unbeatable when it comes to comfort and versatility. That’s why this article is focused on this particular type of hoodie’s model. I think you may need a little guide to find the one that’s right for you. So in this article I will help you finally find the oversized zip up hoodie that best suits your needs.

If you want to look taller

If you want to add a few inches to your silhouette, a cropped hoodie is perfect, especially when paired with high-waisted trousers. But another look idea could be to combine your cropped hoodie with an elegant, voluminous tulle skirt, or with a long skirt. This way you will create an adorable urban chic outfit. On the other hand, if you already have very long legs, avoid cropped hoodies, because you risk optically shortening your bust.

If you are tall (but also short)

If you are tall enough, opt for a long zip up hoodie instead. This model is super fashion, and you can steal straight from your man’s closet if you don’t have one! Long hoodies can also be worn by the shorter ones, as long as they are used as a dress, together with a pair of knee-high boots. This outfit will greatly slim a tiny figure. It is also a great way to give such a casual garment a touch of elegance!

If you suffer from the cold a lot

An oversized zip up hoodie is already a garment that can keep you very warm and that makes it seem that you are still in bed in the comfortable blankets. Still not enough for you? Then buy a fleece-effect hoodie in the very warm teddy bear model, just like the one in the photo! This model is very popular in this 2020, as is the mint color, one of the most loved pastel colors by fashion addicts.

For a sexier look

Hey, who said you can’t be sexy with a hoodie? What if I proposed you this gorgeous hoodie in faded fabric, which is so fashionable? The light neckline in front also gives a very sensual touch, leaving the neck uncovered. But if you want to cover it to avoid a bad cold, I suggest you to use a scarf. I would say this hoodie is perfect if you have a bolder soul!

If you are a lover of seasonal colors

You can’t miss this velvet-like midi hoodie, and in the brown color, inevitable in the autumn and winter season. You can tone it down with a livelier color, such as red or purple.

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