The 6 Best Post Surgery Shapewear Pieces Available Now

The use of the shapewear is indicated after certain surgical procedures, such as abdominoplasty and liposuction, as it protects the operated area and offers a recovery with less discomfort, helping with the results. With the use of the modeling belt, the skin is firmer and the posture remains more upright, in addition to tightening the abdomen and keeping the abdominal region modeled. Plastic surgeries are, for the most part, procedures that cause changes in the patient’s body contour, either by remodeling, reducing, or increasing some part of the body.

In this sense, postoperative care is of fundamental importance for the recovery of tissues that have undergone these changes, to provide the best conditions for them to heal and adapt in the best possible way.

In this scenario, the use of a modeling belt – also called a compression belt or compression garment – plays an important role in the postoperative period of many plastic surgeries, helping in the correct recovery of the patient and helping to guarantee the quality of the results of the intervention.

Rivers prevent the formation of seromas (accumulation of water under the skin) and fibrosis, in addition to avoiding excessive swelling and containing the appearance of bruises.

In addition, in surgeries in which the skin is displaced over a very large area of the body, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, the compression exerted by the straps is essential for better accommodation of the tissues affected by the operation.

Before choosing which type of shapewear best meets the needs of the consumer, it is very important to know about each one of them:

Waist trainer drop shipping These shapewear models focus more on the belly, waist, and abdomen area. Giving special attention and more targeted modeling to these areas. It is indicated for people who want to lose specific measures in the belly or recover from surgeries performed in this region.

wholesale fajas designed for recovering from surgeries, this model was made with the health of its users in mind. They have good compression while respecting the comfort deserved by consumers.

Wholesale fajas this style of shapewear meets the most different types of audiences and requirements. Because they are a band, they are super portable and can be easily adjusted to the consumer’s body measurement, thus meeting different sizes.

These banners can be folded and transported easily and often win the hearts of the public for this.

Shorts: This shapewear model is very comfortable and can be used both after surgery and by people who want to shape their body or lose measurements. It covers the entire area of the waist, abdomen, and belly and also works the buttocks and thighs. Being a multifunctional shapewear model.

Panties: Panties usually win the hearts of the public for being a shapewear model that can be easily hidden under clothes. It is usually a very comfortable style and therefore also ends up being quite chosen. The fabric is usually very resistant and soft but does what it promises and models with comfort.

Body: This piece is also very famous and popular. It is usually used in all seasons of the year but is usually more popular during the summer, as it is usually made in lighter and cooler fabrics.

This option is quite comfortable and also easy to use and maintain.

Shapewear can be a true health ally and help even in the recovery from surgeries, but for that, it is very important to know each one of them better. With this knowledge in mind, it will be easier for the consumer to choose what best fits her goals and thus enhance the results.

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