Can You Wear Shapewear during Postpartum?

Being pregnant and bringing a new life to the world is not only a journey that is miraculous but in the end, brings a lot of joy to the future parents. But this journey leaves the body of women changed in ways that they didn’t imagine before.

When it comes to the postpartum period, many new mothers will struggle with many physical changes, which tend to include loose skin, excess weight, and in general, in the tone of the abdominal muscles.

And women will for sure want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies, and this is when they turn to shapewear and wholesale waist trainers with logo as the solution. But before choosing them, many women wonder if it’s advisable and safe to wear shapewear during the postpartum period.

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a garment that is often considered a quick fix to achieve a much slimmer silhouette, providing temporary compression and support to areas like the thighs, hips, and abdomen.

For women, especially during their postpartum period, and if they have specially undergone c-sections, shapewear will offer them support and comfort, especially in the first weeks after birth. The compression provided will alleviate discomfort while also giving a security sense as the body starts its healing process.

Considerations to have in mind

If you want to incorporate postpartum shapewear on sale in your wardrobe, there are some factors to consider. Of course, there are always going to be concerns, like the effect that prolonged compression might have on the natural healing process, among others.

During pregnancy, the skin stretches as well as the abdominal muscles to make space for the growing baby. And after the birth, your muscles will need time to regain their strength and retract.

Shapewear can temporarily conceal, for example, the protrusion that is associated with diastasis recto, but it won’t cause or promote healing. You will have to do targeted exercise and physical therapy to help with recovery and muscle weakness, but shapewear is for sure a great aid.

Many postpartum shapewear have been designed to offer a firm compression around the torso and breasts. You need to make sure you are choosing pieces that will allow you to move without restrictions in these areas, considering breastfeeding.

Always remember that you need to listen to your body and prioritize your healing and comfort during the postpartum period. It’s understandable that you might want to get your old body back, but this process needs to be approached with realistic expectations and with patience too.

Don’t rely only on shapewear, consider pieces like built-in shaper dress for extra comfort. And if possible make sure you follow a more holistic approach to your recovery, which should include adequate rest, proper nutrition, gentle

exercising, and the support and guidance of a doctor.

Other shapewear considerations

Remember that not all postpartum shapewear, like any other shapewear actually, has been created equally. Some brands and manufacturers might offer pieces that have been specifically designed for the unique needs of new mothers.

For example, offering breathable fabrics, targeted compression zones, and adjustable panels. They tend to be much more supportive and flexible and provide more comfort and mobility.

Always choose high-quality garments that will have your comfort and support as a priority. Your choices should have moisture-wicking fabrics, adjustable closures, and even a seamless construction, as all of these factors will minimize irritation or maximize wearability. Make sure they also have targeted compression zones that will support the lower back and the abdomen.

Finally, you always have to remember that wearing shapewear during the postpartum period is not only a personal decision, but you need to take it consulting with your doctor.

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