5 Best Casual Outfits for The Office

Who said that only men can wear suits to the office, women have made suits a trend to go out anywhere, the entire Matilda Djerf collection focuses on this type of classic piece that all women should have so let’s not work in an office, obviously we give it a special touch, we do not use it with the typical dress shirt as men do, we can use it with tops, sweaters and even layer clothes with coats on top, there are countless styles today and here, We are going to show them all.

The Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style always surprises us with how it can look so elegant but casual at the same time, these women are experts in transforming men’s clothing in a more feminine way which we would never have imagined, not me. That is why when you are looking for inspiration on how to wear menswear, you can always count on the Scandinavian style for that, they will never stop surprising you in all the ways they have discovered in recent years, there are stores where you can get this style and all accessories aside from that, google is your best friend.

The Blazer Trick

All women have a blazer hidden in our closet that we use very little because we don’t know how to wear it or maybe we feel that it doesn’t really go with our current style, but it is a classic piece that saves us from trouble when you want to cover up and feel that a coat is not necessary, you can wear it and make several layers of clothes so you don’t feel so fancy and look super cool like matilda, she is our inspiration.

The oversized style

I think we’ve left the tight pieces behind and have welcomed all the clothes that let us breathe and leave room to move, not only in the suits but in all the types of clothes that we have, the skinny jeans are no longer in fashion and suits with straight style or flared have become a global trend, whatever your height, body style or size, we are all obsessed with that work style but without going to work, comfort has already become part of our lives and we’re not going to let it go that easy, we know we look good while wearing it.

Earthy Colors

Suits in unusual colors are even much easier to wear, let go of blue and black, and invest in suits in earth colors that make you stand out at work because it is not very common to see women wearing suits and less if it is in this color if you want to feel powerful like a CEO, it’s time for you to use this color in a suit with all its variations, there are thousands to choose from, Zara and Mango have launched recent collections with all these designs, available with fast shipping so you can use it the next day to go to work.

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