How to Draw Eyelashes and Eyebrows?

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Hello loves !!! All right? Today we are going to talk about how to make a perfect eyebrow and eyelash design.

The lashes give opening and value the look, well maintained make the production more beautiful and complete. Some care is needed to keep the lashes always flawless and to know how to apply the mascara correctly.

Applying the lash mask correctly

To add volume and lengthen the lashes, place the mascara applicator under the outer corner towards the middle of the eyebrows, brushing the lashes with upward movements. Wait for the product to dry partially, then apply another layer. Apply as many layers as necessary, be careful not to overdo it.

False eyelashes

False eyelashes are super high, they complete the makeup, leaving the look striking and powerful. They are great, they help, mainly, that have thin, short or scarce lashes, but they are also useful for those women who want to give an ‘up’ make up.

Time to paste

Pass a small amount of glue on your hand, and when placing them use tweezers, as it facilitates the application. Apply the glue at the base of the lashes gently, a tip is to use a little glue, let it dry for 10 seconds before putting them on. Try to align the false eyelashes with the root of the natural threads, the closer it gets, the better the effect will be.

A great tip for false eyelashes to be imperceptible, is to apply mascara on your own lashes, as it will be the base to put them on.


It may seem like an unimportant part, but the eyebrows make a lot of difference on the face! It is that which frames, lifts and gives shape to the look and therefore, if done incorrectly, it can damage the look. Many women look for the perfect eyebrow, and we have some ideal care and attitudes to achieve it. Check out our tips for having the perfect eyebrow!

Respect Your Face Shape

There is an ideal eyebrow shape for each type of face: a round face, for example, matches an arched eyebrow. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a professional who specializes in this, as he will design your eyebrow so that it fits in harmony with the rest of the face and, thus, the highlight.

Maintain the Natural Eyebrow Design

It is common, on the run, to try to fix your eyebrows at home. This can be harmful, as in the absence of knowledge some serious errors can occur. So, when you have those hairs bothering you, remove only those that are in excess and avoid touching the drawing. After the format has been made by the designer, it is important not to modify and remove only the hair that is out.

Wait for the Right Time to Remove Hair

Excessive hair is bothersome, yes, but it is important to wait for the right time to remove it again. The ideal is to wait fifteen to twenty days, as this is the time it takes for the hair to grow. If you insist on removing it before then, the hair will grow at different times, visually affecting your eyebrow, which will thus be uneven.

Fill the Gaps with Makeup

Some people have flawed eyebrows, with little hair, sparse and with little prominence. If you prefer, you can fill at home even with makeup, such as eye shadows or eyebrow pencils. Just follow the format designed by the professional, filling in the gaps. It is important to use the color closest to your eyebrow. There are also filling techniques such as micropigmentation, which has a longer lasting result. If you choose this option, look for a professional recommended and valued for an excellent job.

Many women love to constantly change the look of their hair by varying the colors. It is essential to pay attention to the eyebrow when dyeing the strands. The correct thing is to make the eyebrow two shades darker than the hair, and not the same color. The darker shade of the eyebrows will add depth to the face!

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