Highlights Are Necessary for Makeup


Let’s rewind and go back in time. During the 50s until 90s, the basic makeup was foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, lipstick. These were used to enhance the beauty of a woman. But now times have changed, and makeup has evolved in tips and techniques. There are some new products added to the whole process like concealer, bronzer and highlighter. Since today we are talking about highlighter, you should know what exactly a highlighter is!

Highlighter is amazing!

Basically, highlighter is a face makeup, that attracts light and gives the lit from within glow to your face. It is a pearly powder with some sheen and shimmer. When used on face and body the shimmer hits the light perfectly creating the illusion of glowing skin. It is used to enhance the facial features of the face where light naturally hits the skin. Like high points of your cheek bones, bridge of the nose, along your brow bone, inner corner of your eye and cupid’s bow. Highlighters can be used on your body to enhance the look of your skin. The sheen that highlighter adds to the skin looks beautiful and healthy.

Whether you are naturally gifted with high cheek bones or need a little help, highlighters play an important role. It is life changing and will illuminate specific areas of your face and give you a radiant skin and illuminated complexion, which in turn makes you look healthy and young.

Kinds of Highlight

Highlighters are available in two forms. Liquid highlighter and powder highlighters. There are some that give you a natural-looking glow while there are ones that will give you a blinding glow that is visible from space.

To master the highlighting technique first you need to figure out the formula and the shade according to your skin tone and skin type. Various shades of highlighters are available. The simple way to choose the right shade for yourself is to know the undertone of your skin tone. If it is warm go for slightly golden highlighter and if your skin is cool tone go for silver or cooler toned highlighter. If you have oily skin like me, you will want to stay clear or use a highlighter sparingly as your oily skin is already giving you the glow throughout the day. For dry skin gals we suggest go for liquid highlighter, but it is up to your choice.

If you have dry skin, you can use highlighter in different ways like mixing a couple drops with your moisturizer or foundation will give an over all-natural looking glow to your face. But remember not to go overboard with it. Remember while doing your makeup less is more. Always be light handed with highlighters because you don’t want to look like a disco ball. You can build your makeup slowly and blending is very important for that flawless look. It can make you look more youthful, when it is applied in the right places. It is the most essential step in your makeup that will make you look youthful and glamorous. So, don’t skip on a highlighter, just master the skill. We have shared some of the best highlighters that we have tried.

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