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Would You like to look at Your best? Make shapewear by Cosmolle, your one-stop-shop for the best shapewear for women. We will help you find the best fitting shapewear. Our goal is to work hard towards improving a woman’s posture and confidence. At Cosmolle, you will find body shapers for all body types and sizes; everyone is covered. Our body shapers come with more stiffness and keep you in the best posture. Here are some of our best products.


Shapewear bodysuit is your body’s best friend. It delivers all over sculpt to any of your fantastic wardrobe options ranging from firm to extra-firm. They are essential when it comes to wearing them for multiple purposes and even giving yourself a new slimmer appearance.


Our shapewear shorts will give you the confidence to wear outfits you never thought possible before. The Cosmolle stores are the place to find top-rated panties from the world’s best brands. The underwear comes with tummy tightening support made to hold you in and smooth you out.


Our shaper short is fabulously comfortable shapewear that is worn with the primary intent to flatter, slim, and smooth your favorite fashions from beneath. These shapewear shorts help you to maintain trimmed waist and thighs, s well as offer tummy control and give better under cloth lines. They also squeeze your bottom and lift your butt. The best type is the high waist shaping shorts and panties because of their sitting design just below your breasts will avoid any muffin.


The shapewear slips provide coverage that’s comfortable and defines your shape under any outfit. Our slips come in maxi, skirt, Capri, and bodysuit styles for all your slimming and control slip needs. Some of our slips have built-in bras, so you get two lingerie items when you purchase one slip. You can also choose an open bus slip or a slip designed to be worn over your bra. 

Do not get embarrassed to add shapewear in your closet. Even celebrities are in search of shapewear to make their already sexy shapes even better. If it makes you feel beautiful, go for it. It is advantageous especially to those people who face a different type of problem to their waistline. Shapewear by cosmolle, we assure you with our garments you can cut years off your age by smoothing out lumps and bumps. Send us an email at [email protected] for our offer perks that are fit guaranteed with free shipping if you order goods worth over $100.

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